Devin Nguyen

Your Heart

Hi! I'm Devin! Currently a student.

I'm interested in anything and everything!

I like long walks on the beach and loaves of sourdough bread straight out of the oven. I like watching the sunset, ending its day to begin anew, and crisp laundry right out of the dryer. I like scenic drives through winding forest trails and the scent of freshly picked flowers. I like romantic dinners and finishing that new coat of paint on my walls. I like laying down on my roof and looking out into the stars and breathing in that new book smell. I like long conversations at night and a warm cup of rich coffee, two cubes of sugar.

Ordinary and exciting are two blends I keep around as I plunge through life. I look a little lost, but I'm trying to find my way; the solution is there, I know it!

I'm into computer science. It's cool!

I'm into graphic design. It's also cool!

I'm into baking. It's really cool!

Trying new things is a great experience for me. The unknown is fascinating!