Bart De Vlieger

Father, business owner, and sportsenthousiast in Brussels, Belgium

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Born and raised in West-Flanders, Belgium - where the poppies grow.

Working for more than 15 years in Human Capital as business initiator in Brussels, London and Paris.

Set up a company in staffing and working on another start-up. Meeting truly inspiring people and working in real partnerships. Exciting times.

After a business life of working for corporates, stress and internal politics (with mostly not that motivated people), I've switched my life to entrepreneur, creating in stead of following, getting the maximum out of my life.

My company is mainly working with local companies and startups. We deliver recruitment services for strategic positions. Our goal is to develop the nr. 1 recruitment partner for startups in Benelux and Scandinavia.

I am a proud father, my reason to make the difference.

  • Work
    • Rekruut
  • Education
    • Master in Social Sciences - Communication
    • Katholieke Universiteit Leuven