Devo Brown

Devo Brown is one of Toronto’s well-known entertainment resources – specializing in broadcast, hosting major events, as well as being an active participant within the community. He has been the face of many community relations initiatives where individuals connect to build the world around them. Devo has worked in the broadcast industry for over a decade. His most recent position was at Flow 93.5 FM where he was an on air personality. He hosted Flow Factor, the very popular afternoon show, before he was promoted to create the Mel and D Show, entertaining early morning commuters. Both shows led him to interview many of the industry’s most sought after celebrities: Drake, Jay Z, Will Ferrell, Mariah Carey, Usher, Rihanna and many more. Prior to Flow, Devo worked at Star 93.3 FM also as an on air personality, where his show was rated #1 for the two consecutive years he was there. Devo has hosted many large, notable community and social events. He was a MMVA red-carpet host in 2009, host of Drake’s Homecoming show along with his first autograph signing at HMV, and hosted the 2010 Summer/Fall NBA Jam Sessions, across Canada. In addition, he was the host of the Canadian Michael Jackson Celebration on July 1, 2009, which got prominent coverage in Toronto’s daily news outlets. Devo has been an avid contributor to various charitable organizations. He partnered with local celebrities, cast of Degrassi and Toronto Argonauts, to provide Christmas parties for the Sick Kids foundation. He was an active voice for the Chris Bosh foundation – hosting parties and engaging in the lives of less fortunate children. Presently, Devo remains involved with many charitable causes, such as cancer and cystic fibrosis. He has been an influential role model for children – working with the school board to enhance the lifestyle and futures for many in the GTA. He has participated in several motivational speaking opportunities to help make a difference. His experience in broadcast proved award winning in 2007 when he accepted the Sexy & Successful award in Anokhi Magazine for top radio personality. Devo is a graduate of McMaster University. He joined McMaster in 1996 receiving his Bachelor of Arts in sociology in 2000. Devo Brown is a resource and founder of Raptor Rant, one of Toronto’s basketball discussions, since 2002. He provides up-to-date Raptor stats and has interviewed franchise faces such as Chris Bosh.