Petros Devolis

author, Architect, and maquettist in Thessaloniki, Greece

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He was born in 1944 in Thessaloniki - Greece, and graduated from The Experimental school of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

He studied architecture at the Faculty of Engineering of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He received his diploma in 1971 presenting in the basement of the engineering department after hard preparation, a happening where Architecture, sculpture, painting, constructions, lighting, movenent and music coexisted.

The international artistic tendencies of that time together with his trip in Japan in 1969, influenced him considerably and helped him find his own personal style.

As a freelance he focuses mainly on detached houses, applying his artistic restlessness, and building the maquettes (models) of his projects himself.

He is also engaged with a wide range of artistic activities, both as part of his work and outside this environment, with a major in sculpture, painting, constructions, industrial design and maquette, occasionally presenting his work in exhibitions, publications, competitions and public spaces.

He has received prizes in painting in 1969 (Engineering Faculty) and industrial design in 1984 (“Furnidec”, Thessaloniki), while his works and biographies have been published in various relevant directories.

Some widely known works are, the glass church to the archaeological site of the catacomb of St. John, in the historical center of Thessaloniki and the monument to the unforgettable home of former refugees from Asia Minor and today inhabitants of the village Perea located lakeside Vegoritida Pella.

His professional preference for the construction of plaster models for visual representations, resulted in several of them being displayed in respective museums.

- Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki
- Museum of Byzantine Culture
- Folk Life and Ethnological Museum of Macedonia – Thrace
- Agioritiki Estia Mount Athos Center
- Museum of maquettes of Aristotle University
- Thessaloniki Cinema Museum
- Dispilio Kastorias
- Petralona Museum
- The tower of Ouranoupoli in Chalkidiki
- The castle of Platamonas
- The monasteries Vatopedi and Xenophon on Mount Athos
- The 9th and 10th Office of Byzantine Antiquities
- National Museum of Sofia

His involvement continued with lectures at the Open University of Thessaloniki, articles in scientific journals and books