Devonshire Diamonds

A trusted resource for diamond buyers, Devonshire Diamonds is committed to ethical business practices, quality diamonds, and excellent customer service. Devonshire Diamonds inspires confidence in the product with its authentic third-party verified diamonds and works to ensure client satisfaction by treating every client with respect.

A full-service diamond supplier, Devonshire Diamonds stands behind its diamonds with a certification that ensures their ethical mining. Known as “blood diamonds,” unethically mined diamonds fund insurgency and arms trades, fuel civil unrest, and are often obtained at a high human cost. Clients can purchase stones from Devonshire Diamonds with the peace of mind of knowing that no human suffering occurred in the mining or preparation of the diamonds for sale.

Devonshire Diamonds encourages repeat buyers with its focus on creating and sustaining long-term client relationships. Committed to outstanding customer service, Devonshire Diamonds understands that a great experience entails more than just a gem. Questions are welcome; clients may take advantage of complimentary and confidential consultations in person and by phone. Serving both veteran and novice buyers, Devonshire Diamonds avoids high-pressure sales tactics in favor of a client-focused approach that serves individual needs.

As a part of its ongoing commitment to ethical business practices, Devonshire Diamonds is a Toronto-based member of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. Devonshire Diamonds works collaboratively with various businesses to further the goals of outstanding service and integrity.