DeVonte Cox

Kalamazoo, MI

As a business student at Western Michigan University I bring great leadership skills and a positive mentality. Over time I have equipped myself with many leader qualities making myslef a very positive person to work with. I approach all task with my best effort and have no problems listening and learning new tasks.

When I look into the business world there are so many individual stand outs. What I want to do in time is turn my company into an absolute standout and not be in the running for credit individually. I would also like to be a part of globalization and working not only with my company with foreign companies but to bring a better outcome to the United States to prosper.

One of my major strengths that I would say that I acquire is listening and mending the problem. Over the years working for different employers I have seen what it is like if an employer does not have good listening skills and makes the working environment unpleasant and unsettle. The reason why I stated mending the problem and not fixing is because every problem in my opinion can not be fixed, but at the same time being able to do what you can do to try to better the problem off is always better than doing nothing at all to assist in the issue. One of my weaknesses I would have to say is I have not traveled alot in my life. This is one weakness because the field that I am stepping into includes alot of traveling. I feel like i could turn this weakness into a strength in due time.

Some benefits of having me in your company would be having a sharp quick learner. You would also acquire a very powerful speaker with many facts first points to prove. Some skills that I have achieved in time are mastering the Microsoft programs. Also taking many classes to work on speaking skills and writing skills. What makes me standout is that I have been trained up to this position my whole life with a family full of successful human resources vp, presidents, directions, so I feel as if I am next up and more hungry than just about all of them.

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  • Work
    • Full time student
  • Education
    • Western Michigan University
    • spring 2014