Devon Thompson

Potmore, St. Catherine, Jamaica

Hi, My Name is Devon Thompson, and I am an engineer from Jamaica with a Bachelors of Engineering in Industrial Engineering from Caribbean Maritime Institute.

Throughout my life, I have fallen inlove with two things, Music and Energy.

I fell inlove with Energy, mainly Renewable Energy the first time I encountered it at college. It became my passion, and ever since then I decided that the Energy Market is where I wanted to be, but first I had to educate myself more about this field, so I reasearched alot but I still yearned for more knowledge, so I attended a Photovoltaics certification course from Vector Technology Institute, which filled in the key to the puzzle.

After I took those classes, and started to do more reseach into the Energy Market, I realised there is more that I would like to do rather than only designing and installing solar panels and wind turbines. I decided that I did not want to limit myself so I decided to go after the qualification and the title of an Energy Engineer, which will allow me to be proficient in HVAC, Refridgeration, Energy auditing and management, Building Automation, Electrical Installation and Design, and Power Engineering. I have already started this process by attending the Electrical Installation and Licensing course at the University of Technology, and will begin the Energy Engineering course in January 2014.

I started into music while I was still in College, as I was a Disc Joc (Selector) playing for a sound system called Elementry which was started by me, Ameche (Collateral) and Ross. The group was steadily rising, but we ended up between a rock and a hard place when our equipments were stolen. We decided to go into the background for a while, working on our producing skills, and thus, A.R.M Music was born, managed by me and Ameche (Collateral). Our aim is help Jamaica to become a better place through better that will uplift Jamaicans, music that will make Jamaicans care, love and hope again. An example of that type of music is at the top of this page, and is our first iTunes release. We have alot more wonderful music coming. Thank you for visiting my page :)

  • Work
    • A Tech Renewable Energy Solutions
  • Education
    • Caribbean Maritime Insitute
    • Vector Technology Institute