Dev Rajput

Photographer in Patel Nagar, India

Dev Rajput

Photographer in Patel Nagar, India

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"Like the words in the poem, The road less travelled, it's all about choices. Everyone's destination is the same, only the paths are different. I've chosen to take the road less travelled. Maybe that has made all the difference!"

My dream:

To build a family as beautiful and wonderful as roses and lotus, because I understand the values of the family and for me most important thing is to raise gorgeous relationships with everyone, and see world without hungry and war. Nothing else is more important.

My Mantra:

Work Good, Work Hard, Eat Good, Drink Good and wear Good Clothes and Just live this bloody Good Life.

My Incentive:

First of all I would't say that I am Devil, but yea may be I am. I am very secure with myself and confident of what I am doing or I will do. I am not scare of anything. I love to have fun in my life and to me challenge is fun so I love challenges.

Dev's Devil Mantra:

Well I don't care if you are fat, slim, tall, tiny or whatever, just wear some good stuff and look good, don't have ? buy them, available for every ball in market.You're in desperate need of your own style.Wear some attitude and live your damn life, Make it your iconography, use it to express your individual identity. You will Rock!

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