Devyani Kota

Software Engineer in India

Devyani Kota

Software Engineer in India

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Engineer at Sezzle | ex-Redhat | ex-Fedora

She is also the following:

* Girl geek | CS Grad.

* Speaks Python, Golang, sometimes ReactJs too.
* Open Source Enthusiast | loves to code.
* ex-Engineer @GlusterFS @RedHat

* Dreams to become a great Software Engineer.

* Likes fountain pens.

* Only one cocktail - any more than that she gets sleepy.

* When ain't coding, one can find her sketching, painting, or clicking pictures.

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Is a nice person. If you’d like to get in touch, feel free to say hello through any of the social links below. Click on the little icons below ^_^

* Have a great day! Ciao!! o/

  • Work
    • Sezzle Inc.
  • Education
    • West Bengal University of Technology