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DexSafe is committed to providing high-quality warehouse safety barrier solutions that work for your workplace. Their processes begin with hazard identification and solution finding, through to quoting, manufacture and installation of full-scale safety barrier solutions. DexSafe make it easy. With a range of barrier systems in their range - ForkSafe, designed for forklift safety; PedSafe, aimed at improving pedestrian safety in workplaces; and SpanSafe, an expandable safety barrier system - DexSafe have a solution for you.

DexSafe was established with a commitment to safety. Through their motto "Home Safe, Every Day", they are motivated to help companies like yours, with safety barrier solutions that work. They understand that professional, trained advice is crucial when it comes to implementing safety solutions that keep your staff safe. That's why their workplace consultants are trained in Hazard and Risk Management standards, so they can give up-to-date, and best practice advice.

DexSafe offer comprehensive solutions - no matter what the workplace. Every workplace is unique - from difficult, unpredictable traffic, or guarding challenges. With a wide range of experience under their belt, and a comprehensive, modular range of workplace barrier systems, they can craft solutions that work for you. Read more about their processes and barrier system range today on DexSafe.

For more information about safety barrier, expandable barrier and forksafe please visit the Dexsafe website.

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