Deyanira Villalta

Student, Writer, and Volunteer in Helena, Montana

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A few years ago I made a drastic change. I moved out of state, twice. I have since landed in an unlikely place: Montana. Never did I think I would live this far north or return to college.

My goal with this is to make a difference - a cliché, I know, but nonetheless true. My focus now is animals; specifically pets and their shelter life experience. Also studying the impact of domestic animals, especially when they make our lives significantly better through their interaction.

*A word about the charity I am featuring at the top of this page: Soi Dog Foundation. The people here work tirelessly to change the lives of dogs in Phuket, Thailand. Specifically, ending the illegal dog meat trade. They have been successful in converting dog farms into blueberry farms. In addition, they are a motivating force in reducing abuse and neglect of dogs, too.

Anthrozoology in the News:

article: Dogs rule: Animal expert argues canines initiated bond with humans

youtube: Dogs for Conservation | Megan Parker | TEDxJacksonHole

article: Carroll College Prepares to Graduate First Anthrozoology Class (May 2015)

My Published Works:

2014: A Bear Named Cub, a Short Story (read here) | This micro-mini short story is about death, loss, and life in the forest for a bear named Cub. Like many animals, life is random and survival is a daily lesson.

2011: Through My Eyes: Poems, Dreams, & Thoughts (preview here) | My hope is you find something in one of these pieces that resonate with your life experience.

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