Deyniyel Cruz

So ok, hi. My real name's Junnys Danielle Din Cruz, 14 year old lass. I live in the Philippines, Sophomore student, lol. I don't like Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and Lady Gaga, sorry but I really do. I'm easily to get piss off. Vanilla/Strawberry icecream, omg, lol. I don't like veggies, it's gross, loljk! But yeah, I don't eat veggies. :3 Green, Purple, Yellow, Sky Blue and Magenta are my fav colors. I love Demi Lovato, Pierce the Veil, The Maine, This Century, A Rocket To The Moon, AJ Rafael, We The Kings, and soo on. c: Untalkative, lazy, procrastinator. I hate school.. it's boring as hell. I hate people who's talking about their love life, omg. I can't relate, ok. :|