Dez Hush

My name is Dez Hush, I'm 27 years old. I'm amazing at everything I do. The last few years have been insane, a dangerous roller-coaster that I love to ride. I take my own breath away, how many people can say that? I can take your breath away. I don't let people in; I let it out on the paper. If writing was a crime I would be a murderer. I have a light that shines through me, I challenge darkness. Most hate my positive aspect of life, but then misery likes company. I'm not that company. I surround myself with goodness; those who don't like it beat your feet. Most take my kindness for weakness. I'm just a silent bomb, when I blow its explosive. I'm a Gemini to the core hot/cold, passionate, bold, sophisticated, reckless... very reckless! I act then think. I kind of love that about myself; there is something spontaneous about not thinking. I love adventure, the little things in life matter to me. Money is only paper, nothing can buy me. I try to figure myself out and it fascinates me that I can't. I don't believe in love, I almost did but it's a facade that people create to have a happier existence... I wish I did believe because I think if I loved I would love deeply. My career is my first priority, people are getting married and having babies, I'm ready to take on the world and experience as much as I can until I am no longer. Music is my heart beat, no one make the sound I make. Someone wise once told me "jump off a building and believe you can fly," so I did and I'm still in the clouds, high gliding over everyone... everything and I love it.