Dukeslande Florestal

I have been an entrepreneur for the past 10 years and I am a strong believer in the importance of increasing our levels of emotional intelligence in order to succeed in anything. I am currently working on a project to support entrepreneurs and business owners in the achievement of fulfilling success by mastering the emotional ups and downs of entrepreneurship. It's called "The MYOB (Mind Your Own Business) Project" and it's all about dealing with your internal world, especially the not so pleasant stuff that's bound to come up as you face the challenges that come with being an entrepreneur. You know... the painful, emotional stuff that no one talks about. Things that relate to self doubt, discouragement and all sorts of other fears we don't like sharing with anyone. But yet, these emotional aspects of ourselves have a deep impact on the way we carry on as business owners. Since I studied in psych and worked in the mental health industry, I don't mind dealing with the dark side of our psyche. Lol. My own self-discovery journey accelerated the day I realized that all the business strategies in the world couldn’t compensate for my crippling, limited perceptions of myself and my business. As a result every area in my life suffered. From there, I undertook the task of releasing the beliefs and values standing in the way of my ultimate life experiences and believe me my work is not done. As I continue to advance on my own path, I am open to facilitate this process of transformation with others who are interested in creating a fearless life as well. The introspective methods I share are simple and anyone interested in using their work/business to deepen their relationship to their true self can benefit from them. Inspired entrepreneurship,empowered leadership and authentic success are some of the concepts you are invited to embrace as you learn to "mind your own business". I facilitate this self-discovery process so you can hopefully reach your full potential, live the life you want and achieve your sacred dreams.

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