David Fossas

Austin, Tx

I’ve spent my career at the intersection of media, technology and creative businesses, engaging a variety of audiences from consumers to professionals. I obsess over human behavior and empathetic needs - particularly within organizations and networks.

I had the benefit of starting my career working for one of the toughest people in Hollywood. The first thing he taught me was to just “figure it out”. I’ve been doing that ever since. I assume I’m not the smartest person in the room, so I push to be the hardest working and the most resourceful. I’m at my best in roles that are out of my comfort zone. Where there is perceived high risk and some level of fear. But, where there’s high opportunity to learn and contribute and collaborate with smart people.

I'm a systems thinker that brings corporate strategy, marketing and design thinking disciplines to problem solving. I thrive working with multi-disciplinary teams where you can draw a greater breadth of ideas, engage in rigorous debate, and ultimately align on the best solution for the customer and business. Effective leaders know how to manage this collaborative creative process to deliver meaningful business impact.

I believe the best brands today succeed because of the powerful purpose, culture and experiences they facilitate and share with their stakeholders, and their responsiveness to the market. I work to instill these values in the teams that I build and the companies that I work with.

I've had the pleasure of working with brands across consumer, auto, technology, media and healthcare verticals, including P&G, General Motors, HP, Visa, Verizon, Disney, Galderma, Lap-Band.

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