Christiana Segura

Franklin, Tennessee, United States

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My morning was good until my coworker decided to call me out because I took 5 minutes to pay my professional affiliation dues online while at work. I had 24 hours to pay it so it needed to be done. Her question, "are there any patients here?" I politely told her no I had already taken care of them. She followed that up with a comment about how personal stuff should be done at home, not at work then asked, "don't you have a computer at home?" By this point I was getting mighty pissed off because I had been listening to her socialize, share photos on her cell phone with coworkers, and avoid working for over an hour. I stopped what I was doing, looked her straight in the eye and said, "got it." I had to walk away before I lost my temper.

It's not easy for me to bite my tongue. I have a strong work ethic; it's very difficult to be around slackers. I also have no tolerance for anyone who tries to disrespect me in tone of voice as well as content.

Tonight the man decided it was high time to pick a fight with me. He's brought up, several times, our laundry situation. His MO is to run 2 loads through the washer and drier then leave them in a pile on the bed in the guest room. In the past I've folded his laundry as a courtesy. Little did I know that I was creating an expectation. Just like with the dishes that he leaves un-scraped and un-rinsed in the sink and the things that he leaves lying around the house. He expects me to take care of it.

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