David Frier

vCISO in Western NY


how I got here
- I started with OS internals support and mainframe sysadmin in 1979. I have since sprinkled in some scientific programming, DB design for clinical trials, and secure OS development for the JCS. Did a bunch of SMB network deployment and business systems, HRIS, and CRM.

In 2005 I turned my focus to infosec. I got my CISSP. Then I worked on a DLP deployment for network and endpoints, and another one for outbound email in a corporate Exchange. I took the CISM and the CRISC. I managed the entire security program for an F500 server fleet in three data centers across the world. Took the CCSK. Managed SOX compliance for a different F500 company for a couple of years.

I have now arrived where I really belong, in a consulting CISO role.

Turning my attention from pure infosec to overall risk management, I took the RIMS-CRMP.

how you'll know it's me
- I'm David. ('Dave' is someone else; I have no idea who)
- Geekosaurus
- I look like an aging hippie... because... well....
- I'm blunt. If you need someone who will soft-pedal the security or risk management needs that are going begging, I might not be your guy.

what I care about
- Honesty
- Logic
- Protecting the digital assets
- Treating people right

how we might connect
- Facebook: nope
- Twitter: nope
- Instagram: nope
- YouTube: still nope
- LinkedIn: oh, alright. I am on there, I guess. Just don't be selling me anything or you can talk to the hand, cuz the face ain't listening.
- Fediverse: If you can find me there (and you can), we can really talk about life, the universe, and everything but work.

how you light me up if we're not talking about Infosec or Risk Mgt?
let's talk about
- Texas Hold'em
- Lord of the Rings -- books, not movies.
- Orioles and Cubs baseball.
- Good TV (not popular, necessarily. GOOD.)
- - Star Trek, esp. Strange New Worlds
- - Star Wars - Mandalorian, Boba Fett, Ahsoka
- - Reservation Dogs
- - Only Murders
- - Minx
- - RuPaul's Drag Race
- - The Good Place
- - Better Things
- Brit stuff:
- - Taskmaster
- - Endeavour
- - Vera
- - Annika
- - QI
- - Bake Off w/ Extra Slice
- - Sewing Bee

BTW, Barbie rules. People who say it's anti-man are just the kind of man I am anti-

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