Derek Galon

Derek Galon - M.A., FRPS, FOPS (only 10th Canadian to receive the Royal Photographic Society’s Fellowship, their highest distinction). RELOCATED TO DOMINICA (not Dominicana!), Eastern Caribbean – in October 2014.

son of a musician – as a small child loved spending hours under his dad’s grand piano, listening as he practised for his upcoming concerts. This powerful experience of real “surround sound” determined his life choice – the arts!He studied classical music, arts and photography – requisitioned the family bathroom to serve as darkroom. Already in his teens he was winning awards and exhibiting works, while simultaneously continuing his education and giving concerts. With university studies completed, he further pursued his professional career in the arts.After arriving in Canada from Europe, he expanded his professional interests to include multimedia and graphic design. He has also published books, and collaborated on production of animated 3D holograms. But music and photography still remain his strongest passion. And, he keeps photographing…and then, photographing…and photographing… (now for over forty years!)Along with his long-time partner Margaret Gajek (art historian, researcher, writer) he runs Ozone Zone Books publishing company. Their books won Benjamin Franklin Book Excellence Gold Award 2010 in New York, prestigious international Nautilus Book Award 2011, along with some other awards. Also dozens of Derek’s photos won prestigious international awards and medals, and participated in countless exhibitions in United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East, Japan, Canada, and other countries. He sat as a juror in many photography competitions and salons, run workshops, and other photo related activities.He delivered many fine images to most prestigious clients, as well as the luxury real estate agencies such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s International Realty (in UK and Canada). He is a rare cross-breed between commercial, documentary, and art photographers.He specializes in photographing boutique hotels, fine B&B, resorts, historic architecture and fine real estate for publicity/advertising needs.Having vast experience in architecture photography, landscape, nature, various styles of art portraits, conceptual art, travel and editorial photography – he photographs exclusive residences and mansions for advertising, display or archival purposes, does fine art portraits for portfolios – artistic images to treasure for years to come.