Debkumar Ghosh

Bhubaneswar, Odisha( India)

An ace quizzer, an avid blogger, and a creative writer- Debkumar Ghosh possesses many such countless talents. As a youth in his early 20s, Debkumar is dynamic, intrepid, dashing, and venturesome. He is presently pursuing B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology, a reputed autonomous technical university situated in the bauxite rich state of Odisha, and is expected to complete it by 2015.

Not one to confine himself to the limited information of textbooks, Debkumar constantly strives to keep himself updated about the latest happenings in the world of electrical technology. Keeping in view the rising importance of a computer literate person with employers, he has started learning programming languages like C,C++,and Java of his own accord. He also has an active interest in the corporate world, and periodically buys business magazines and books, besides acquainting himself with the various jargons.

As a firm believer of the adage- ' All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy', he exercises daily to keep himself hale and hearty. In his leisure time, he likes to dabble in the game of chess with his pals. As an adventure freak, he often goes on adrenaline packed expeditions.

He is currently employed as an intern at, a recent start- up that caters to the educational needs of students enrolled in different courses like MBA, Engineering, Arts, etc. His role as a campus leader for the same encompasses publicizing it in his college campus, writing articles for the organization website, and providing reviews about it to rating agencies.

With the maxim 'The future is purchased by the present' being the principle of his life, Debkumar Ghosh relentlessly labours to make himself a better person in terms of knowledge and ethics with each passing day.