Two Determined Girls

The land of the free and home of the brave

Hello Earthlings!

You have clicked the "ABOUT" page, so we are going to assume that you want to hear a little bit about us. So...let's get on with it!

There are two girls behind this blog. We like to go by the names Clementine and Applecore. We're best friends, and we stick together like a fat kid on chocolate cake.

We decided to start a blog for fun because we both have a severe case of boredom, as well as a passion for reading and putting our thoughts down on paper.

Here's just a little bit on who we are.



I think Beyonce is a goddess.

I can speak 3 languages.

I live for clever puns, metaphors and references.

My mouth hardly ever stops running.

I am too sarcastic for my own good.

Although I'm told that I act and look much older than my age, I do have my incredibly childish moments where I leap from chair to chair, trying to turn into a monkey.

Technology and engineering fascinate me.

I play two instruments: piano and clarinet.

I will proudly admit that I am a book nerd.

As a kid, my dream job was to sell juice on the streets. Obviously, I was very ambitious.

I'm as stubborn as a mule.

Tiny turtles and puppies are about the cutest things in the world.

In 4th grade, I made a family of crayons and they ruled Earth.

Sleep is my drug.


We plan to one day take over the world and ban homework in every school, as well as instill word peace, of course. After all...we are two determined girls.

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