Dionysios Goulimis

I think and act as a innovator and a strong bussiness thinker, I am passionate about discovering great business ideas.

I like to be inspired by passionate and successful people and i want to inspire others and lead them to success ,making dreams happen in reality, making people take a chance,take a risk,be free.

I like networking and everything related to creativity and revolutionary.

I am proudly founder of many activities into music, videogames, business ,internet shopping, music & home entertainment ,magic and on-line and off-line business activities,founder of "MovieCouriers"', "Gamebuster","Streetmagic","Mentalbuster","Illusion Events ","StreetmagicTV","Magic college"."Playingcards"

As a founder of many activities i am offering 14 years of experience in music,videogames,bussiness,internet,music & home entertainmen,Hotel entertainment ,magic with a track record of innovation.

I am in music bussiness from the age of 16 as a musician(pianist/Keyboards),producer,composer and I live for Music.

«Music exists to say things that words cannot say.. which is why it-is-not-entierly-human..»

I am in magic bussiness from the age of 24 as a performer (Mentalist) and as a founder of many activities in magic :"Streetmagic.gr","Mentalbuster.com","Illusion Events.gr","StreetmagicTV.biz" and "Magic college","Playingcards.gr"

I am a proudly member of International Brotherhood of Magicians. I.B.M. is considered to be the most respected and the world's largest organization in the world for magicians and for people interested in the magical arts

Magic for me is in fact that i know and feel that all things around me are connected with one mystical way, Music, Geometry, Mathematics, Harmony. Hermetic.

Quod est inferius est sicut quod est superius, et quod est superius est sicut quod est inferius

Emerald Tablet.

You see things; and you say, 'Why?' But I dream things that never were; and I say, "Why not?"

George Bernard Shaw

"Stay hungry , stay foolish"

Steve Jobs