Dearra Govan


I was born a small town sweetheart with a mind only creative enough to lingure in the city.Raised in Orangeburg, South Carolina I was gifted a beautiful heart,mind and spirit. As a child I had dreams of being a Fashion Designer, a cavity compared to most young girls of my generation. However,I never allowed anyone to fill me with goals that did not belong to me. I made a brave decision to move to New York City to follow my dreams and complete a task long awaited. After obtaining my degree in Fashion Design, I soon realized I would come to hault. With two college degrees under my belt, a brain filled with knowlege and a passion that drove "oh" so deep, I was unable to secure a job in the field I felt I was destined to reside in. After a long five months of playing "Job Hunt" and feeding into false possiblilites, I sought into a company which promised an amazing opportunity. I took every possible precaution of the outcome into consideration, but what did I really have to lose. On April 24th 2013 I took every dime I had to my name and made a small investment to what I know will be a beautiful reward. I BECAME A MARY KAY INDEPENDENT BEAUTY CONSULTANT!!!! I am looking forward to all the positive and negitive that will impact me throughout my journey. Since I have never been a forfeit there is no need to become one now. I have secured myself with a chance to become something great. So Welcome and Thank You for being apart of it along with me!

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