Deanna Gowrie


Everyone thinks that being account service is easy. But they are wrong. Account service is sensitive and complicated. Think about it – what other role involves expectation management, requires you to be aware of your clients needs and desires, stellar communication between parties, with the overall goal of the happiness of someone else?

Apart from my cheerful demeanor and my timely contact reports, my style of client expectation management provides me with the opportunity to surprise and delight, and avoid the dreaded 'over-promise and under-deliver'. As a result, the relationships I develop are strong, to the point where clients are confident they can rely on me from the delivery of successful projects to assisting with internal transitions.

Overall, client management makes me hum. Developers geek out on code and wires, while I nerd out on budget tracking, contact reports, and weekly status updates. What I haven’t told you yet is why I love what I do. It’s simple - the feeling of managing multiple projects, delivering high quality work to clients, all while providing necessary support to my team is an adrenaline rush that is unmatched.

  • Work
    • Account Executive
  • Education
    • Bachelor of Arts
    • Communications
    • Image, Politics, and Persuasion