David Guerra Rodríguez

Software Engineer in Cambrils, España

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Always looking for new opportunities. Always trying to survive.

Scrum Master, Technical Leader and Full Stack Software Engineer specialist on JEE, Android, OpenGL and Open Source Software. Bachelor of Economics.

Frustated Musician, Interior Designer, Skater and Sportsman.

On my Research side, I am very interested in HCI on mobile devices (specially wearables), Statistics, Simulation and Scientific Data Visualization.

Talking about my daily life, I am a developing mainly JEE solutions (Hibernate, Primefaces, Spring, Struts, Zkoss Framework, JasperReports,Grails...) and some C++ solutions for automotive.

While on the University, I worked developing awesome Archaeological software solutions over .NET, JEE, Android, PHP....

Now I am trying to work on my PhD on HCI at Lleida University.

  • Work
    • Software Engineer at IDIADA Automotive Technology
  • Education
    • Computer Engineer
    • Bachelor of Economics
    • Master on Open Source Engineering
    • Phd Candidate