V N Ramesh

Established in 1988, Dheemanth Solar Industries Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading manufacturer, supplier, and trader firm, whose perception estimates the result they achieve by assisting high operating LED Lightings and Pumps. Due to our client ascertained belief, we present the extensive variety of products including Domestic Heat Pumps, Heat Pumps, and Swimming Pool Heat Pumps which have gained us ISO 9001:2008 certifications. Our superior products are designed to accommodate the effective value of our consumers are paying; therefore, we provide products which possess sturdy and functional design, high-intensity light, longevity and work for an extended time. Due to our effective and convenient delivery we are able to produce a whole range of pumps for our prestigious clients.

Nature has blessed living beings with abundant resources for peaceful existence. Sometimes it is only human greed that has abused precious resources. Among the natural resources, "Solar Energy" is abundant, available forever and free. It is our sincere attempt to provide Solar appliances useful in our day to day life, thus preserving natural resources to some extent and claim as partners in conserving Nature

Our good team includes a pulsing expertise, inspired goals, and a desire to work among close collaboration with our clients. We employ a very able team of attentive product engineers, hard-working business operations managers, expert quality control officials and equipped sales and marketing personnel. Every part in our team understands the importance of time and functions respectively to meet our enterprise aims.