Dhanush KJ

Web Developer and Student in Bengaluru, India

Dhanush KJ

Web Developer and Student in Bengaluru, India

I am a web developer, designer and an MCA student currently living in Bengaluru, India. My interests range from technology to design. I am also interested in web development, innovation, and programming.

You can click the button above to hire me. If you’d like to get in touch, feel free to say hello through any of the social links below.

I am a positive thinking person and I always try to do innovative works in my life.I am a speaker of 5 different languages.I hold a BCA degree which in my education life I learned many new things to find better ways to change my world and the others.

I love to explore myself rather than to accept what I am. I Want to always aim High at my work and strive Hard and smart to succeed in them.

I love to learn as much as possible from others good work and implement it better in mine, with a touch of my own style to it.

"Positivity can take us a step forward in life", is what I believe and is what I always follow.

As like the flow of a river, flows my life.

I strongly know my destination, "The Big Blue Ocean" it is. I rely on the destination not on the planned path of reaching it, just like a river, and I strongly intend to choose only the right direction when it's decision time.

I love my failures because they have shaped into what I am today. Motivation from my Family and my friends make me what I am and keeps me all intact.

I look forward to directing approach to any kind of Web-Based Jobs. Thank You. Adios.

  • Education
    • MES College
    • Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology