Dharma Sadasivan

lawyer, Photographer, and entrepreneur in Singapore

Dharma Sadasivan

lawyer, Photographer, and entrepreneur in Singapore

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Hi, I'm Dharma.

I love space, dinosaurs, science, watches, music, and photography. I enjoy helping and empowering others. I value curiosity and honesty.

Here are some of the things I do:

- I'm a technology, intellectual property, and personal data protection lawyer at BR Law.

- I'm legal adviser and investment panelist at Eight Mercatus.

- I co-founded The Wedding Scoop and BRIEFCASE.

- I'm currently working on a pro-bono project called BEGIN: Black Equality Goes International. Please visit this site for resources on learning about and supporting the fight to end discrimination and police brutality.

- In my limited free time, I shoot photos and make music. I'm a published photographer with over 7 years of experience, as well as a published musician with over 30 years of music experience.

- I serve on the Information Technology Committee of the Law Society of Singapore, and the council of The Music Society of Singapore.

- I'm working with a talented group of people on setting up a business federation. More news to come!

Get in touch!

- Legal: [email protected]

- Photography: [email protected]

  • Education
    • BA (Philosophy)
    • Juris Doctor (cum laude)