Dharma Sadasivan

lawyer, Photographer, and entrepreneur in Singapore

Dharma Sadasivan

lawyer, Photographer, and entrepreneur in Singapore

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Hi, I'm Dharma.

I love space, dinosaurs, science, watches, music, and photography. I enjoy helping and empowering others. I value curiosity and honesty.

Here are some of the things I do:

- I'm a commercial contracts manager at TikTok. I focus on solving problems at the intersection of contracts, IT systems, and operational processes. ALWAYS DAY 1!

- I was formerly a partner at a law firm and specialized in commercial matters involving technology, intellectual property, as well as regulatory matters involving data protection and anti-money laundering. My work generally involved complex technology procurement or development contracts, startup fundraising with experience on both the client and investor sides, and helping clients navigate uncharted regulatory waters relating to emerging technologies and blockchain. I have also contributed to and written articles published by Bloomberg BNA, LexisNexis, and the Publications Office of the European Union.

- I serve as the Co Vice-Chair of the Information Technology Committee of the Law Society of Singapore.

- I am appointed by Ministry of Law and Lupl, Inc. as an advisor in the Industry Engagement Advisory Group for the Legal Technology Platform.

- I helped to set up Sing-Viet Impact Ventures, and serve on its founding executive committee, advising on legal and regulatory matters.

- In my limited free time, I shoot photos and make music. I'm a published photographer with over 8 years of experience, as well as a published musician with over 30 years of music experience. Music that I have written, recorded, and performed, is archived with the National Library and National Archives of Singapore.

- I serve on the council of The Music Society of Singapore, a registered charity.

- I co-founded The Wedding Scoop (TWS), a publisher of wedding content in the Asia-Pac region. TWS built a community of almost half a million followers on Facebook and Instagram, and received over 8 million unique views monthly on Pinterest, all without any self-advertising. TWS was the subject of a global case study by Pinterest Business.

- I'm currently working on a personal project called BEGIN: Black Equality Goes International. This site provides resources about racial discrimination in America, and I am working on updating it to share resources about racism in Asian contexts.

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  • Education
    • BA (Philosophy)
    • Juris Doctor (cum laude)