Dharmendra Makwana

Mumbai, Maharashtra (India)

Born on 10th February 1983 in Jamnagar, Saurashtra. Brought up in Mumbai and Jamnagar. Frank and easy going by nature. like Traveling, Swimming, Biking, Playing - Cricket, Football & Volleyball, enjoy listening to music (Pop & Trance especially)

Never got my interest into the family business of apperal stores, so I moved to the city of dreams Mumbai in 2005 in search of independent career. Tried luck into Bollywood for some good time, unfortunately didn't work out (I'm happy that I've tried at least to live my dreams!).

Professional -
I began working for few DSAs selling telecome products from Tata, Raliance, Vodafone & Airtel. I found my 1st good job at Consim Info Pvt. Ltd. (IndiaProperty.com) in 2007 and that was a turning point for me. I always had desire to work in dotcom company and finally I got one!

After working with dotcom companies for few years I moved on to a digital marketing agency in 2009, and thats when I realized that I'm born for this industry!

Personal -
Married to long time gf sattled in Mumbai, live with family here Mom, Dad, She & Me!

Highly influenced by Tech gadgets & Smart Phones, especially Android. Friends aften calls me 'Android Addict!'.
My boss has strong doubt that i get some salary from Google to promote android devices and influence pple to buy!!! (I wish)!

Well thts me! easy n simple to understand...hope u like it!

  • Work
    • Span Digital (a division of Span Communications)
  • Education
    • B.Comm