Dhea Excella


Hi, I live in Indonesia, where I love to photoshooting the sights. To be a professional photographer is my future desire. Laughter? Yeah that's me. Spicy and sweet food are my favorite. Don't have a work, still hoping daddy's salary. Don't have any spesification about where I'm gonna work. Choose basketball to be favorite sport from all of those sports. A blogger, but not always posting something. Wasful at money. Can't hold money for a month. Like to some genres of music, like rock, hip hop, etc. Can't live without music! I have many boyfriends, named laptop, handphones, and PlayStation3. I loved to play Grand Theft Auto (GTA) [Good at gun shooting and driving, suck at helicopter! Hate the cops.] Hate to wearing short pants, and something girly. Hate makeups, body lotion, and lipbalm, but trying to love them. Love perfume very much. Feminine is up to my mood, always tomboy when in a rush or not in a good mood. Hair? I loved my curly-wavy-black hair. Face? I have round face. Skin? I'm exotic. Weirdo, make silly faces, do some pranks and lazy are my works at home. Don't like to wash the dishes, and hold the broom. Love to make some easy meals. Scared at knife. 100x times opens the fridge everyday. Take food, hold it, eat it, loved it.