Derrick Heemskerk

As a father of four growing children I learned the hard way how expensive it can be to raise a family. I, like many of us, made a crucial mistake – I thought I was smarter than debt; and it didn’t take long for me to accumulate a lot of it. 2 years into our marriage we already had a mortgage, line of credit, student loans, a car loan and credit card debt. I felt like we were literally drowning in debt. I knew we had to turn things around. So instead of pretending debt was our friend we made it enemy number 1. By sticking to a budget and focusing on each debt systematically we were able to pay them all off and by the age of 33 we were completely debt free. No more mortgage, student loans, credit cards debts – nothing. As a result I was able to leave my job and start helping people achieve the same results full-time.