Darlene Helems-Alaniz

We live in Tallmadge, Ohio but have enjoyed vacationing in Erie, PA the last couple summers. We are originally from Texas near South Padre Island so this is as close as we get to the beach these days; I included a picture of my son playing in the sand.

This is my second course at Kent State through their online SLIS program. I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin years ago and have been in the education field for over 15 years as a teacher and as a school librarian for the last 12. I attended the University of North Texas SLIS program in which I was certified as a school librarian in the State of Texas. Since moving from Texas five years ago, I have been able to obtain school librarian licensure here in Ohio as well and have been working as a school librarian. It has always been my goal to go back to school and “finish” what I started, so here I am pursuing my Masters in Library Science. I guess one could say that I did it all backwards, but I know for sure this is the only profession for me.

My hands are pretty full working full time, going back to school, being a wife to my husband of 14 years and a mom to a child with disabilities. I really don't have time for much else. I sadly can't even tell you the last T.V. show I watched other than the news. I know sad! (LOL)

Latest reads include The Hunger Games series , Matched series, Divergent, Insurgent, The Maze Runner series, Shiver series (I work at a middle school.)

Music Favorites- Anything 80's