David Hernandez

Consultant, Software Engineer, and Student in Madrid, Spain

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The important thing is your attitude, this difference a bad day a good day, so always smile, you never know who you can brighten the day.

My personal brand have the next things:

* a person who is always improving.

* a person who loves challenges

* a person who always smile.

* a person who is postive

* a person who is social

So ¿what is your espectative of this type of person with this brand? It's very easy, you would have a perfect professional in your team.

¿What is my goal? My professional goal is to have my own team of people and together we carry a common goal.

If you want a committed and persistent person who is able to take any kind of work, that's me.

  • Work
    • Brücke Asesores S.L.
  • Education
    • University of Santiago de Compostela