David Evans

Geneva, Switzerland

Born in Gloucester, UK, he grew up in the countryside surroundings of the Costwolds. Interested in computers at an early age, he was involved in creating commerical software during his studies.

During his degree, he worked for clients such as M-I-5, WHO and the NSPCC producing multimedia CBT and marketing tools. After graduating, he created his own company in e-commerce and multimedia websites.

Moving to London, UK, he moved to the financial services sector. After spending a few years gaining experience, he was sent to India to open an offshore development team for a industry leader in the financial sector. Moving to Geneva, Switzerland to continue as a software consultant, he moved between hedge funds and wealth management to keep ahead of the financial crisis.

Now married and a father of 2 boys, he's enjoying living and working in Switzerland.

  • Work
    • Merrill Lync Bank Suisse SA
  • Education
    • BSc Hons Computer Science with Multimedia