David Friedman

Miami, FL and Amazonas, Brazil

I am an former Angelino now living in South Florida. I have a passion for entrepreneurial ventures that seek to improve our economy and standard of living in harmony with what I feel are the traits of the post-industrial post-American age: insecurity, small business and underemployment. (Please read my blog for more on this topic.)

My focus is ventures in small business and individual empowerment, delivered through leveraged marketing and operations, trade training, or shared costs.

I studied economics and politics at the University of California, and attended law school in the same system. I left in 1998 to join a dot com company, but did not succeed in retiring by 2001. I later resumed my graduate studies to earn my MBA at the University of Southern California.

I moved to Florida to take an operational process optimization role at a large financial services company; I am now the leader of a team of project managers delivering technology solutions that mesh with operational excellence. In other words, working with industrial engineers, code developers, and internal operational executives, I have a working knowledge of how technology, process, and people combine to deliver value.

My current projects follow my passions by creating opportunites for individuals and small businesses to reach more customers and grow through new online platforms.

  • Work
    • Financial Services, Consulting, Online Platforms
  • Education
    • MBA, University of Southern California