Jagmohan Dhillon -

frisco, texas

Jagmohan Dhillon has plenty of great attributes and traits, including great interpersonal skills along with the best communication skills. He also is knowledgeable about the financial aspects of the business and has great organizational and analytical ability, which has helped to put down the foundation for his company, Dhillon Management LLC in the hospitality industry.

The principals of Dhillon Management have been owners and operators of lodging properties since 2001 when they acquired their first property, which was a Super 8 hotel in Salina, Kansas. The principals increased their holdings by investing in budget motels and then graduated into midscale hotels.In 2006, the company initiated an aggressive strategy of acquiring hotels in the upper-midscale segment. During the years of 2006 and 2008, Dhillon Management added a total of 36 hotels to its portfolio.

These acquisitions were typically Holiday Inn Expresses which are Intercontinental Hotel Group franchises. They also sold several of their budget hotels which were acquired during their early years to interchange with the upper segment as planned according to the goals and missions of the company. Since 2001, the principals have acquired and managed 39 lodging properties worth over $170 million in asset value.

Perfection is rarely the outcome; however, continuous improvement frequently is. A practice is an approach, a movement toward, rather than a destination in and of itself. With over 11 years of experience in operating all types of lodging, Dhillon Management has an invaluable wealth of technical, marketing and operational knowledge that is vital to the success of its hotel portfolio: