David Hilton

David is an experienced educationalist who has worked directly with senior leadership teams of primary, secondary and Academies focusing on whole school improvement, data and tracking, intervention and assessment. He has led major changes to the primary and secondary curricula; which included a development of both the pedagogical shift in teaching and learning alongside addressing the needs of the work force in terms of professional development. David has worked to develop outstanding teaching and learning in the classroom through developing materials and resources nationally and the modelling of practice in the classroom. He has extensive experience of coaching in the classroom environment and has used this throughout the phases to develop practice. David has national and international curriculum development experience with a focus on creating exciting, inspiring and engaging experiences for learners while ensuring pupil progress. David also works on the use of technology to improve teaching and learning, using the latest innovations and developments in this sector. He has an excellent track record in developing and delivering training, whole school improvement initiatives and working directly in the classroom with teachers and pupils to improve the outcomes for all.