Dr. Gary Hitzig

New York

Dr. Hitzig has personally performed well over 30,000 hair restoration procedures in New York, NYC and Long Island. Both an innovator and inventor, Dr. Hitzig has pioneered the use of ACell and PRP in hair transplantation, Infrared Coagulation for donor area coagulation and patented the "Hitzig Linear Punch." Dr. Hitzig has had articles published in Dermatologic Surgery and the American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery on Adjuvant Techniques in Punch Graft Hair Transplantation, Curvilinear Baldness Reduction, The Use of Infrared Coagulation in Hair Transplant and Scalp Reduction Surgery, Linear Grafting Using a Modified Slot Method and Early results in the use of injectable ACell suspended in arterial blood serum/PRP in retarding hair loss/re-growth of miniaturizing scalp hairs