David Hixson

I'm an old nerd. A husband. A father. A gamer. An MBA. A Googler. A manager of projects, inventor of numbers, an architect of complex systems and a ranker of priorities.

I've lived in Phoenix, Tucson, Phoenix again, Zurich and I've recently relocated to Silicon Valley.

I've gone to school at the University of Arizona - BS, Regis (online) - MSCIS, and Arizona State University - MBA.

I've worked for Stratus Computer, Ascend Communications, Lucent Technologies, DNCP, Cemprus, Stratus Technologies and now Google. This involved fewer job changes than one might expect.

I've been all kinds of Sysadmin (VMS, OSF/1, FTX, VOS, HPUX, Linux and even Windows), I've managed a database or two and I'm a fair hand with a network. For the past six years or so I've been strictly tending to clouds and managing projects.