David Spector

Software Engineer and OSX/iOS Developer in San Francisco, California

I write software, advise startups, and, occasionally, perform due diligence for various VCs.

I've been writing software for machines made by Apple since before Microsoft sold its first copy of DOS. I spent a long time in NY working for NYU, Digital Equipment Corp (DEC), writing software on Wall St. I also created and ran the team that brought the Internet to Wall St in 1990 and with a research budget helped fund the development of a little program at UIUC called "Mosaic" (you probably know it as "Netscape") to which I contribted all of the firewall security code.

After Wall St, I consulted for and helped run startups during the 1st Internet boom and on into Web2.0... And that was just the first 20 years of my career....

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  • Work
    • www.zeitgeist.com
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    • NYU