Ryan Talmadge

Bath, ME

Ryan Talmadge was born in the state of Illinois in 1991, but was then raised in Maine and resides there currently. Growing up in Maine meant long, cold winters, and shorter summers. Ryan spent his youth learning from a rough environment and living next to a generally rough and tumble kind of people. He graduated from Morse Highschool in 2010 and has attended the Southern Maine Community College with classes in Writing, Arithmatic, and Music. Simultaneously, Ryan Attended Elim School of Ministry for a short time.

From an early age, Ryan was wandering within his mind about far off lands, and places. Always, he dreamed of adventures fraught with terror and risk, and relationships that would be tried in the process. As his schooling continued into his teenage years, he began drawing on that desire to create compelling worlds and stories to which one could essentially live in. The workings of his imagination were set free through paper and pen. Today, Ryan continues to write and release that desire to create something otherworldly.

  • Education
    • Southern Maine Community College
    • Elim School of Ministry