Dhruv Katyal

Durham, United Kingdom

MBA Candidate, Durham University Business School & Skoll Centre of Social Entrepreneurship, University of Oxford

Founder, Project Kite, UNICEF India

Each day like everyday sun rises people wake up and unfurls the colors of their life, to some a sapient life full of wisdom, to some a life to gratify there stomach, to some a life of satisfaction, to some a life of compromise, to some a life of pain, to some a ride of joy, to others a journey to demise and for me every moment another foliate of exhilaration, every now a new struggle with myself to be a better human being, a better son , a better student, a better friend.
Hii I am Dhruv Katyal, I am a mechanical Engineer who is passionate about leadership and business. And a child who wants to play in mud.. Run naked in rain... Play music ...cry sometimes (loud)... sleep all day ..love ..fly ..& DREAM...The world around me is different as it appears to me then to people. A world of dreamz and aspirations. This tiny world is blessed by a bunch of people who I call "My Angels", because of these people I stand as who I am.
I thought of writing this blog because sometimes it gets really hard to express yourself and everything just passes by. You see those things and never get chance to explain your part, your view of canvas , well not specifically to explain things but ya just my part of life the life as it appears to me. So welcome to my world!.