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15 year old, Grade X student, tinkerer, reluctant reader, procrastinator, computer geek, car enthusiast, eco-worrier and now an eco-warrior!

The idea to put some thoughts together and share as a blog started with my EVM school holiday project to read and comment on newspaper articles on anything that concerns our environment. I am interested in the subject and since am not an avid or regular newspaper reader thought it was a good thing to get me started, and become more aware.

And then Uttarakhand happened, and what was first seen as a natural calamity and as an act of God, started to unfold as something that could have been man made. And the price was paid in human life and property. I knew that I had to do more and than a passive observer. The blog is just the start.

I leave you with a beautiful quote by Wallace – “The most beautiful thing in the world, is of course, the world itself.”
And something worth saving. Are you with me?

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