Dhylles Victoria

healer and spiritual mediator in Savannah, GA

Dhylles Victoria

healer and spiritual mediator in Savannah, GA

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Have you experienced sexual trauma and still having trust issues within yourself and others?

Have you lost your sense of self after sexual trauma and your heart is aching to reclaim it back?

Are you feeling spiritually blocked and stuck due to the sexual trauma and not sure how to move forward in your life?

Do you find yourself wanting to get back your innocence you lost as a child due to sexual trauma and not sure where to start?

What would it feel like to reclaim and reignite your sexual power after sexual trauma?

What would it feel like to reunite and reclaim your spiritual identity and power?

I was there at one point in my life where I experienced sexual trauma between the ages of 7 to 14 years old. I had an outer body spiritual experience where I witnessed myself being abused and instantly lost my innocence. I no longer felt loved, protected, cared for or valued. I lost my sexual identity before I could even experience one of the most beautiful gifts we were given as women.

For years I was numb and unemotional in all aspects of my life and created a block around my mind, heart and spirit that could not be penetrated due to the sexual trauma. I did not trust anyone with my heart and I self-sabotage every relationship and opportunity because I did not know my worth. My near death experience shifted something in my spirit and I knew I had a responsibility to heal my heart and spirit in order to step into my spiritual identity and power to help other women heal after sexual trauma.

As your Spiritual Mediator and Healer, my job is to help you reclaim and reignite your spiritual and sexual identity so that you can move forward in your life to create the life you were meant to have. My intention is to help you reunite with the little girl inside that lost her innocence and value to let her know that she is loved, protected, cared for and valued.

My goal is to help you become spiritually and sexually free to be the woman that you were becoming before you experienced sexual trauma. My purpose is to get you activated into your spiritual and sexual evolution with no more fear, guilt or shame where you claim your spiritual sexuality.

If you are ready to reclaim your power and step into your spiritual sexuality? Let’s chat!

Schedule your 15-minute introductory spiritual reading where I am able to tap into your energy and spirit to get a deeper understanding of where you are and help you spiritually design the life you were meant to have.

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