Melitza E. Pizarro

Business Woman in Santiago, Chile

Melitza E. Pizarro

Business Woman in Santiago, Chile

I went to an experimental artistic high school in Chile and studied three careers related to ART & COMMUNICATION: Graphic Design, Theater, and Cinematography. I have Knowledge of environment, Sociology, International Marketing, and Religions...

I am a Funny writer. I have Stories, One Tv Serie, Funny Poetry, Short films #UniversityTime

I returned to dancing in 2010. I dance Folklore. Rapa nui / Sau Sau, Aparima, Hula, Flamenco, Ballet and Modern dance I LOVE DANCE SO MUCH 💓 IS MY DREAM COME TRUE...


Love cooking, sleep, yoga, and sports.... I am an athlete since i am one year old (rhythmic gymnastics, basketball, and then water sports... "

Learning to read the “Carta Astral” 💓 It is to read the sky and the planets, only a person who navigates could understand (Beginner- Amateur) Is super Awesome & Magic thing.

Always trying to make the right decisions...

Travel alone know my roots... Amazon (Perú, Bolivia, and Brazil), Easter Island (Rapa Nui), Ecuador (Guayaquil, Quito, Cuenca, y all the more traditional zone), Buenos Aires (my beautiful memories of childhood), The best architecture in Punta del Este (Uruguay).... and many countries and cultures... México, Guatemala, Belize, Brazil, El Salvador... experiences certainly beautiful and magical, more than just Tourism in its true expression, but that I could also understand a little more the meaning of being an Aymara Woman 💓

In 2014 giving me a year to Design and Dance. Living and Travel in Peru (Cusco & Lima) and Ecuador (Guayaquil & Quito). Learning a little more of the World of Fashion in Latinoamérica (LIMA FASHION WEEK ), and right now i design something to talk about Identity, Culture and Beauty 💓

In 2015 travel to Architecture of Bolivia (Tiahuanaco) Brazil (Amazonas) and travel for all Maya Route in Mexico DF and Caribbean (Maya ruins)) and Guatemala.

Living in Mexico city (class Dance) and NY (class Dance)

Right Now, 2017 hope to living in L.A for a couple of months (I Love Disney)

I am VERY HAPPY and I always try to take the positive of all life experiences. Life teaches us to be better

OK, enough, goodbye People 💓

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