Diah Setiawaty

Born and raise in Jakarta for more than 25 year makes Diah Setiawaty an ambitious dreamer. She dreams a lot particularly to do some journey in order search the meaning of her life After she was graduated from University of Indonesia in 2009 she was luckily choosen, out of 1383 aplicants to join Indonesia Teaching Movement (Gerakan Indonesia Mengajar). It was only one year but trully a life changing experience.

For a short period she became a teacher in elementary student in Paser, east Kalimantan (Borneo) where most of her student should deal with danger every day by crossing a giant river with their boat. Living in small village namely Rantau Panjang tought her the beauty of small thing and how simple the happiness is. Despite all of the assymetric information and its consequences she became trully realize that it is better to light the candle than to curse the dark.

Currently she is working as Reseach Consultant for an CSR consultant in Jakarta and still manages to reach her biggest dream to help other while doing her photography and writing hobby