Diallo Shabazz


Diallo has worked with government agencies, corporations, and organizations in the United States and abroad, and has held prominent positions at the NYC Department of Education, NAACP National Office, and Solar One. Diallo currently serves as a Managing Director of Radical Ideas, LLC, a management consulting firm specializing in education management and non-profit consulting. His work has raised over $4 million dollars for organizations. Diallo also serves as a North American Civil Society Representative for the United Nations Environment Programme. In this capacity, he travels the globe to engage governments and NGOs in promoting environmental and financial sector policies which impact the green economy and sustainable development. His work over the years has taken him to Brazil, Canada, China, Kenya, Mexico, Switzerland, and Turkey. Diallo is a provocative speaker and is regularly invited to deliver presentations on a wide range of topics, which has included presentations on African affairs at Harvard, and on Voting Rights at Columbia University Law School. Dedicated to supporting the development of young people, Diallo provides leadership training on college campuses and for youth organizations across the nation.


An essayist, poet, and event producer, Diallo has worked with artists to produce music showcases and performances for high-profile fundraisers. He has performed poetry on stage with the American jazz bassist Richard Davis, and written documentary treatments for arts institutions. Diallo is currently working on his first book of nonfiction.

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