Diamaris Rivera

Student, Designer, and Artist in Patillas, Puerto Rico

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My name is Diamaris Rivera Crespo and I am a Graphic Design Students from the University of Puerto Rico at Humacao. I was born on November 30,1998 in Guayama, Puerto Rico but raise in Patillas, Puerto Rico. My parents are Sergio A. Rivera and Diamara Crespo, they raise me to be a humble and nice person and I am glad they raise me like that. If I must describe me in 3 words I would say: Ambitious, Creative, and Kind… why? Well I like to start something and no matter what I will finish it correctly facing the obstacles. In the Creative Part I say I am talented and want to communicate to the peoples in the art of drawing. And in the kind part, I am nice and love to help other in need.

During elementary and middle school, I was a student from Joaquin R. Parrilla School and In High school I went to Rafaelina E. Lebron Flores. On High school I take part in a few Art competitions and end up winning most of the times. Also, I was responsible and always part of the student’s council in high school. In my High School Graduation, I graduate in the Honor Roll and I am glad I archive that.

One of my dreams is to be a successful animator on the Disney studio. To Archive that I decide to start studying graphic design and later the future I start studying animation. I am creative and love to spent time drawing that is one of the reason I decide to pick this career for the living. I love to create unusual story and create unique series just for fun. I would love to share my story in the form of animation to the world. My inspiration on animation is Rebecca Sugar, Lauren Faust, Alex Hitch, and Daron Nefcy. Also I have plan in the future to start my own animation company focusing animation for teen and adult audience.