Diamond envy

The Diamond Trend That Continues to Intesify

Diamonds are still a girl’s best friend, the only adjustment recently has been the change in what they look like. The sparkling white gem is being upstaged today by a lot of other glittery colors. They may be considered less traditional, but their brilliant shades and amazing clarity are making them popular for everything from earrings to bracelets to engagement rings.Colored diamonds offer the allure of the beautiful colors found in emeralds, rubies and sapphires, but they with the durability and amazing luster all diamonds are known and loved for. Some of the rarest colors can be excessively expensive, but many other shades are affordable on nearly any budget. Most jewelers refer to these gems as fancy diamonds, because there really is something special about each one, no matter what shade it happens to be.One of the most commercially popular colors are the pink diamonds. The shade of pink is associated with femininity and romance. This makes diamonds of this hue popular in jewelry designed for women of all ages and for all occasions, but particularly when choosing a unique and memorable engagement ring. It has also been a stone that has been popular with trendsetting celebrities.Colored stones make it easy to have multiple diamonds in a setting, with the main diamond standing out from the rest. When the center diamond is a colored stone, the white diamonds circling it will look even more brilliant. The white diamonds form a clean border that help to highlight the tone of the largest diamond and create an eye-catching setting that everyone will love.Sites like the diamondenvy website offer an amazing array of exquisite stones in a rainbow of hues. There are numerous brilliant shades and intensities, and stunning cuts and designs for every type of diamond. The darkly saturated stones are the rarest of stones in each shade and are therefore the most expensive. Because there is a huge gradient between the lightest and darkest, it is still possible for consumers to find something in the color range they prefer that fits their budget.To see some of the examples of the amazing gems that are available, visit the diamondenvy website. Their engagement guide makes it