Diana Carey

Life Coach and Performance Coach in Sydney, Australia

I'd like to introduce myself to you and share a little of my story, the experiences and why I have chosen a career in Personal Life/Business Coaching.

My name is Diana and I'm the founder of Success Yourself Coaching.

I have many stories to tell, but I'll begin with this one.

My Why....

Throughout the years, I experienced many of life’s highs, along with significant lows. Along the way I spent a lot of time ‘analysing’ myself. Or as many would say, locked in ‘Analysis Paralysis’.

Although I'd been extremely successful in my career and there were things I loved about it, there were periods where it left me empty. I was not having my intrinsic Passions met. My life was not being lived in a state of Purpose - I had more I wanted to offer. I'd also experienced many issues in my personal relationships and if I didn't change, I would continue the same pattern over and over again. I'd always considered myself to be self aware. I recognised my behaviours, but felt powerless to change them. On the surface everything looked fine, but inside I felt lost.

I made a decision, this was not how I wanted to live my life. There had to be some way I could change my mindset. So I embarked on a journey to learn how to change the way I think, feel and approach the many challenges which we all face in the journey of life. My journey led me to discover NLP and I finally recognised that I DO have the ability to change the behaviours, which had held me back from being successful in the areas of life which are important to me.

Now that I was able to change my own thinking patterns, I finally gained clarity on my life purpose. I knew that I wanted to share what I'd learnt and help people who like me, have been struggling and wanting to change their life, but did not know where to start. I’ve always loved helping people, and I knew that I wanted to spend the next part of my life, focusing my energies in making a positive impact, on the lives of others. To help people be successful in the areas of life which are important to them.

Career/business, Health, Emotions, Relationships and Spirituality- these are all areas I've had first hand experience in and I know the techniques to guide & support others to make rapid improvements.

Every day I learn more about myself and continue to grow.

Within my heart & soul, each day I am living my Purpose & my passion.

I'd like to help you find yours ☺

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