Diana Dau

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I come from the well-known Transylvania (Romania), a interesting place with so many contrasts and things waiting to be discovered. It is a mix between old and new, between Western Europe and tradition where you can actually find all kinds of people. I am currently living in Denmark where I am studying at TEKO, a good design and business-oriented college. Although I find Denmark quite mundane in comparison to my native hometown, I enjoy learning here and I try to get the best out of it.

I want to discover the world and myself and learn as much as I can in order to have a broad perspective. I am mainly interested in philosophy, history and art but I also find interesting topics regarding literature, photography, psihology, psysics or biology.

My backround education is very mixed. I was for two years in high school at mathematics and informatics and continued with two years of social sciences, and then end up at an art college, pursuing my dream.

  • Education
    • London College of Fashion
    • Teko
    • Amsterdam Fashion Institute